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Design Tote Bag,tote bag reversible

tote bag ysl,For those who appreciate holiday components wear, crafting and decorating projects’t need to be elegant or expensive. This joyous patchwork Xmas woods is certainly made from publication photos, glue, and any trimmings you have on hands. Personalized Tote Bags Sale

I made this multi-colored collage to fill up an clean place on my mantle, but the same idea, technique, and components can be used to make vacation credit cards or accessories for your home. Simply switch on the Xmas music and get crafting!

Tote Bag NetworkTote Bag Network

I wished to display my patchwork woods on my mantle, therefore I designed it to suit into a 14″ by 18″ body. If you want your finished piece to become a particular size, you should consider those measurements as you design and style your task. l tote bag.

I needed my patchwork woods to appear a little like a quilt design, so I looked online for some examples of Christmas tree quilts. I chose this triangle pattern because it was produced up of a amount of different items that would include a lot of color, but the simple triangle form would be easy to cut out.

tote bag outline,I after that determined how big I desired my tree. I sketched out my forest and made a decision to make my triangles 2 inches tall and 2 inches at their base. If I produced my tree 6 rows high with an additional foundation, my finished shrub would end up being 14 ins tall by 12 inches wide at the bottom.

menor ft Ruido Tote Bagmenor ft Ruido Tote Bag

Firetrap tote bag 91 dimensions,Once I was content with my sketch, I transferred my design onto my backing paper, using a pen and leader and my computations for my finished woods. tote bag reversible.

Next, I select the newspaper and list photos for my forest. I specially selected pictures that got an interesting pattern or demonstrated a great deal of colourful texture for my collage. These images would be even more interesting when trim up into a patchwork.

Photo Tote Bag

But I also needed to add some even more color and decoration to some of my magazine images. To do this, I rubber-stamped some of my photos using acrylic color and some household products.

I combined up my acrylic color in a few shades that I needed to use. After that I gathered a few little items that I understood I could use as rubber stamps. I utilized the top cap of a Sharpie to make a group and us dot pattern on some of my pages (see above).